Finding me

May be its a lame effort to not wear my heart on my sleeve.

The knots bind her life,
Engulfing her caged ego,
The beauty of dreams shatters,
The urge to laugh desecrates,
She cries in the mesmerized solitude,
Lumbering the dark voids of her mind,
The ghosts of her past wriggle by,
Unfulfilled expectations haunt,
Unanswered questions sneer,
Words disappoint her tears,
Love culls her faith,
Unscathed is her forlorn heart,
Searching serenity in happiness bygone,
Such is the mystery of life, she breathes
Slowly the knots untie,
Painful truth spate her fantasy,
The woman rises, carnages the child in her,
Oh! She bleeds gathering pieces of her chimeras,
Surrounded with remorse,
Blinded with belief,
Alas! She surrenders letting the relentless, that is her life.


7 thoughts on “Finding me

  1. Agnel says:

    The ghosts of her past wriggle byLot of these words only you can understand, only a few i was able to decode.Btw, Why does the first line say, “Finding me” ?

  2. Divya Das says:

    I guess I did my job well then! My aim was to make it as non-understandable as possible, but at the same time convey something vague!! 🙂

  3. Naveen says:

    Think of what you can do,Not of what you can’t undo, Let the past flutter around,Of future let that be unbound.Keep laughing, Keep dreaming,Create moments that make life worth living, Of reality, consider it an aberration,You are too good for it’s tribulations.Forget the past, Because it’s lost, Look ahead and cast,The longest shadow of mast.There is no truth

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