Drenched in New York

A brief five hour demanding and gruelling car ride and later, I was in for a surprise amidst the incessant thunder storms ; Last friday was my graduation day scheduled and conducted in the sea wolves football ground, allowing our crisp blue graduation robes to be sufficiently soaked in the unremitting rains lashing the east coast. The red plastic make-shift rain coats, titled ‘State University of New York at Stony Brook’, were hardly a respite for the frostiness of the weather. It made me wonder if the eeire murky skies and the outdoor ceremony was the last straw to my meagre attachment to the institution.

However, as the unexpectedly gelid rainy day in spring unwound over the graduation spirit and friends and family made the day a special one, I was contended with the twenty second walk down the aisle accompanied by the silly enthusiasm to smile for the camera. It was a satisfied me, who drove away from the infamously memorable and bathed graduation, carrying in my heart the eulogy delivered at the observance ” The students have braved the dark clouds to make the sun shine at the graduation !”

What followed over the weekend was the tuckered out sojourn of NY city and equally humdrum subway rides. Though boasting of being an eighteen month dweller in NY state, I had never done justice to the concrete wonders of the man-made world of NY City. Unable to wean away from the rains, an awashed expedition of the commiserate WTC site, rich wall street, thirty second ride up the elevators to the zenith of the Rock-a-feller center and the gawking walk along the respledent times square, made a safe harbour of the NY City trip.

Continuing the zealous journey, I had the chance to visit a wonder of the world, ‘The statue of liberty’ on Sunday. The cleared skies and warm weather availed my tourist spirit after two doused days. Having clicked a gambit of pictures and treated myself to some oily pipping hot onion rava dosa at ‘Saravana’ on 26th street, I burped placatedly on my way back from the captivatingly callous city to the one that makes me feel at home.

4 thoughts on “Drenched in New York

  1. Mithra says:

    NY.. as always .. is captivatingly callous as you put it.. but it can never emanate the same warmth that the once city we call home supplies in abundance.. don’t you feel?

  2. NIRMAL says:

    Its that time of the year you find whole lot of college ppl our batch,graduating MS in summer displaying their grad convocation pics in albums etc etc.Congrats Good Luck

  3. Divya Das says:

    Nirmal and gayatri, Thanks. I am sure each of our batch people, some graduating, some taking the walk now(like me) have all achieved something from these two years from academics apart.Mithra, I wonder if NY can ever offer a warmth. I am sure its the people who make your home feel like home; but to me when I came to Boston, not knowing a single soul, the city did offer me a life which I had lost back at Stony Brook. Sure no place like Boston… And of course no place like home!

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