Walk with me

Walk with me

On the dusty lanes of life I treaded, I met a myriad of wayfarers like me. A few made the journey special; with a few I shared intermittent laughter, while a few parted ways like a murky nostalgia. Along the cross-roads came the harbinger, who I seldom realized was to consort my voyage henceforth.

An uncanny fear and annoying cold-feet and after, here we are on the next cross roads, dovetailing a lifetime ahead from a tacit car ride at sunrise, a slight tear on a petty argument, glib laughter at the steps of the church, a smile over a cup of coffee and a little bundle of colorful post-its doled out on silent mornings by the pillow.

Yet, as we prepare to sail ahead, I wonder why growing-into the imperfectly perfect relationship, is much easier than growing-up in one?

–To the soul who ambles with me, addressing me dotingly as โ€˜kuttiโ€™.


8 thoughts on “Walk with me

  1. hit says:

    ooiii… the blog got all girly now :)well written… i’m still ponderin upon the growing-into thingit… hmmm, interesting..

  2. NIRMAL says:

    I guess,even if u give ur GRE now after ur grads u will still end upwith a high score in Verbal :)Nice write up.

  3. Divya Das says:

    Hitu, About the growing into thingie… I guess in your case it was growing up and growing into at the same time!Nandan, thanks. Nirmal, Thanks.. Thats ur second comment referring to GRE! Reminded me of the gruesome word lists I would try to read during the free hours given by Nedu! ๐Ÿ™‚

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