Boston – Sands of Time

Boston – Sands of Time

Its summer-time; Boston is beguiling and beautiful as ever! It is a welcome respite from the light-thick-layers of warm clothes and the cottons and coolers are back. Though I love being in this “Bean Town” all year round, reticently I prefer the three summer months for reasons beyond the weather!

My exodus to this ‘walking city’ was a year ago, when my summer sojourn was made possible by the much unanticipated internship. Boston was my first big city and I had instantly fallen in love with the felicitous and serene pace of life, much unlike New York. Though my first month here had sans company, I had found a myriad of things to do and places to see and revived ‘me’ from ‘I’ walking the lively streets.

As the promenade was accompanied by a bunch of wonderful friends, Boston had smoothly transitioned to a second home. The jog by the scenic Charles, tranquil evenings by the reflecting pond, an office cube by the window on the majestic Prudential, lumbering tour of the museums, coffee shenanigans and poker, shopping for hours at Lechmere, dining at the gamut of restaurants, rocking the hard rock café were the little big raison d’être for making my rendezvous with Boston a very happy one.

This year, though living a few train stops away from the hub of the city, I have been making avail of the sunny weekends to horse around, owing to the never dying wont to stay out of house as much as possible! Last weekend we had lazed at the Carson beach and stayed in the sun enough to be tanned ten layers deep. What baffle me more is our voracious appetites to glutton French fries, muffins and onion rings at the beach; and later dine at P F Chan’s for that early supper.

As it is with all Asian restaurants we fare, the fortune cookies enclose those little notes of wit and morals. What ironically morales our dinner is reading out those notes to the table, footnoting it with “in the bed”. The ones from the last dinner simply marked the day –

Div: Every person is the architect of his or her own fortune …………….

N: An exciting opportunity lies ahead of you …………….

Size: Adventure can be real happiness ……………….

San: Two small jumps are sometimes better than a leap …………..

I guess nothing beats the facetious moments of sheer joy and mindless laughter and this was one of those.


5 thoughts on “Boston – Sands of Time

  1. vinay says:

    hey…my best friend is there in Boston…he works with the State street office there…and yes..he also loves Boston….but for me it is London…with all the history and culture….:)

  2. Mithra says:

    Isn’t summer simply the best! I can’t belive I just wrote about summer and then I visit your blog to see a post along the same lines! Coincidence?

  3. Filarial says:

    Jogging helps you discover unchartered territory dosnt it.. have been dng a lot of tht ths summer and been discovering some charming parts of minneapolis tht I never knew existed..nice blog..:)

  4. Divya Das says:

    Vinay, Hmm London havent been there yet. Boston has its share of history from England too.. Mithra, its summer! And change of moods.Filaral, Thanks. Yes, city always looks lively during that unknown destiny jog.Gayathri, sure no problems.

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