Books from all over

Update: Moving my books’ specific blogposts to Divya’s reading room

Taken from Preethi’s blog; since I have been raving about the new found well-knit public (free) library close to home, I thought i will join in too.(Secretly, I wanted an excuse to re-read ‘God of small things’ for the umpteenth time 🙂 ) Also, keep this space alive.

So here goes my list for the Orbis Terrarum. Might change depending on the books’ wait-time at the library.

1. Crow Lake – Mary lawson (Canada)
2. In Other Rooms Other Wonders – By Daniyal Mueenuddin (Pakistan)
Death of Vishnu – Manil Suri (India)
4. A disobedient girl by Ru Freeman (Sri Lanka)
5. My sister’s keeper – Jodi picoult (USA)
6. Lolita – Valdimir Nabokov (Russia)
7. Suite Franchaise – Irene Nemirovsky (France)
8. Book thief – Markus Frank Zusak (Australia)
9. Peony in love – Lisa See (china)
10. The Septembers of Shiraz by Dalia sofer (Iran)
11. God of small things -Arundhati Roy (God’s own country)

So what is your list?


3 thoughts on “Books from all over

  1. PM says:

    wow major dd actually i ll add Lolita to the list too 🙂 btw am reading purple hibiscus now and its nice ….very different !

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