Boston Beautiful

Boston Beautiful

I have often mentioned the bean-town is many of my posts; for its unforgiving weather, lovely Charles stretch, lively streets and even starbucks round the corner. Now that I live a painful fifty miles away from this youthful city, it only makes me love it more every time I visit. She was my first big city in this country and hopefully she’d be the last!

When the weather is a soaring ninety, spring is in the air and the sun doesn’t stop to shine until 8 pm, you can’t help but take the effort to travel the distance, swear about parking space and crowded city traffic, pay an indecent amount of money in the name of event (red Sox game) parking, yet let go all of that in the vibrancy of the winding university streets, comely cafes, beautiful.. beautiful weather and a pang of jealousy for all those enjoying the labyrinth as city dwellers.

Today was one such rarity, when spring was as warm as summer. It almost seemed like the flowers had bloomed overnight, unwanted crab grass and other pretty weeds had sprung in our lawn looming for the soaking sun and the world was buzzing with joggers, kids and outdoor-habitants.

We had headed to the boat rentals along the Charles and begun our day with some scenic kayaking. Cool waters below and sun drenching and later we had been shockingly lucky to find street parking. Next stop was the Noodle street restaurant for lunch on Commanwealth ave. We walked the Boston university teeming street to hunger. It was our first at this place and I’d definitely recommend their vivid menu. Though the ambience was a tad disappointing, the kitchen had succeeded in satiating our stomachs. If asian food is on your cards, this is definitely a nice one to try.

One hour long lunch and after, it was time for reviving old times- dear old Charles! Sun, shade, sunscreens and green, we had settled near the splashing blue waters for a slow evening; watching the Cambridge skyline strewn against the unrelenting sun, trees in pink bloom and tinge of smoke from barbeques burning all around. Time had simply waddled along, as I read, warmed to the sun, played some Frisbee and lulled to the moment forgetting to let the mind think.

Sun burnt and lazed, we called it a day to gear up for the long drive back. And before I began to walk back, I had taken a slow moment to stand by the bridge and take in the arresting view and the life swarmed around this walking city, only to miss her even more than I ever had!


2 thoughts on “Boston Beautiful

  1. NIRMAL says:

    Nice descriptive post abt Boston!!Summer has started here! Heat/Dust/Evening breeze typical chennai summer awaits us here 🙂 !!

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