The moonlight witness

We rarely see the moon in this part of the world. Either it is grim skies of winter or the rains in summer and spring. But some nights like tonight – once in a Full moon – it is moon-beam splattering its way through my window, distracting the sleepers’ eye and before it fades away into grayness of the fall season, I wish to capture it in my memory and blog.

Let me rewind a fourteen years; I am witnessed by the moon picnicking with two equally sanguine childhood friends, in the labyrinth of our terrace. We believe to have attained childlike nirvana, being famous five! We are gobbling down éclairs and cream biscuits, imagining it to be aunt fanny’s cooking.

Fast forward a few years, train travelling from a school excursion – vizag to hyd; moonlight streaming through the dirty grills of the Second class Indian train. Dumb teenagers we are; mesmerized and blinded by bollywood, banter hours on about how romantic the whole scene is! Only thing missing for the tittering girls is a music number and the urgency of a crush.

Further a few more years, a friend and I steal the breeze by besi beach at 9 pm, a contentious hour, not even 50 ps in our midst to buy the raw mango snack, warming to a never ending talk, smiling and preserving an honest friendship moment – the moon cheering us against the splashing sea!

And then a three years ago, laughing on the moon washed steps of the Copley church against a bustling Boston city; I harbor a moment to the treasure knowing little that he is the one I am to marry.

Now lying awake; watching the moon shine through my window, stealing my sleep in all its brilliance, I am but contented… For she gave me a lot to b(dr)eam about!

“How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank.
Here will we sit, and let the sounds of music
Creep in our ears; soft stillness, and the night
Become the touches of sweet harmony.”

– William Shakespeare