Long long weekends

One might agree that Fall is the best season in the north-east and I have often mentioned that. Though it isn’t yet time for the colors to splash in tandem, the chilliness has been more than punctual this year and a few leaves are already turning yellow. The temperatures have started dropping and hanging in the comfort zone of a light jacket, making one wonder if the summer ended before it began.

In our quest to enjoy the remnants of summer, this long weekend, we spent lulling time with friends doing this and that. Met an old friend; though she had only twenty two hours to spare, we had managed to squeeze in lots of catching up, warming up to the fact that lot has changed since 2001, customary Boston-sight-seeing and a hearty lunch. It could easily be another ten years before I see her again, I am sure.

The remaining days were laid back (though the weather couldn’t have been more delectable), sometimes its long hours of sleep, elaborate brunches, lazy movies and naps on the patio that work better than a plan. However, yesterday we a group of six, headed to Salisbury beach, half expecting to be frozen to death. And like a wonderful surprise, we were met with sunny skies, cool happy waters and lots of fun.

Since we weren’t armed with towels and such, owing to our pessimism of the weather, for a dip in the beach, we had settled to playing Frisbee, amateurish kite flying, gobbling dark chocolate all under the golden sun and brown sands. We followed this by a sumptuous lunch at the Salisbury Pizza – if you are travelling anywhere there, may I say they have awesome food and lots of choices for vegetarians too!

Early evening, stuffed till our stomachs could burst, we headed to Newburyport. We quickly embarked on our new adventure of sea-kayaking. Though not technically in the sea, we were kayaking in the river delta that had rough waters. The experience was a lot different from the lake kayaking we had done many times before; this one was harder and all the more fun! We paddled three miles, until the muscles ached and stomachs rumbled again!

Tiredly refreshed, we went on to explore the Newburyport square in the wee hours of the evening. The canopy of pretty shops, rustic red brick buildings and the bustle of people was more than welcoming to rejuvenate. We feasted yet again at a sweet little Italian bakery, on yummy gelatins, jujups, cookies and more.

Against the setting sun and crimson skies, we headed back on our one hour drive, reminding myself that it is these little moments of nothingness that make a bigger something to look back to!