When snowed in…

It is but impossible to dislike snow in New England. I, for one, love the snow and the way the world smells in a whitey aura before the snowfall. The past ten days, I spent watching one snowfall after another. Putting aside the grueling dressing-up for snow shoveling and the biting chills, I had a wonderful  winter break and like a student ready to brace the next term, I will be heading to work tomorrow hopefully overcoming Monday blues!

So, the next time you are snowed-in, here is a leaf or two from my book for winter fix –

♣ Invite friends over (especially ones who love to cook!!)

♣ Get enough firewood. Light the fireplace! The warmth simulates conversations other than red wine of course!  (Trust me it works)

♣ Overstock comfort food for a snowy day (Potatoes, icecream, rice, curd, pickle, chips, milk, Nescafe)

♣ Use no-snow-days or no-snow-hours to munch popcorn and catch up on the movies (I watched 3 idiots, up in the air and Sherlock Holmes; and liked then in the order – best, better and good)

♣ Wear all the warm clothes you got, almost like Joey wearing all of Chandler’s. Now head out, brace the wind, the -2 F and erect a 5 ft snowman! Here is the one we made, though I admit he is pretty undernourished!

♣ Get everyone in the house involved for the driveway cleaning; saves you some energy and you get your work done through manual labor in exchange for food and shelter (wicked wink)

♣ Try new recipes but not when it is snowing so hard that the pizza delivery guy cannot be called when the experiment goes haywire.

♣ Play complicated games like RISK through the night, so that at every move you learn a new rule and in the end you have no idea what you are playing for!

♣ When, with Netflix, On Demand, HBO, Star, Cinemax, Encore and all the rest, a group of six cannot come to a movie consensus within one hour, draw a deep breath, and snuggle with a book in a corner.

♣ Lastly, annoy everyone by updating your facebook status every 2 min! And coax the ones beside you to like the status!

So, for the next snow storm that is brewing in the coming weekends, what do you have on mind??

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2010 ahead!


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