Small Wonder

Almost eight months back Ash and Nan, two good friends, had quipped over lunch in 80s filmy style “You are going to called uncle and aunty soon!” After a momentary brain shut off moment and N’s bewildered “What uncle? Whose uncle?” to the remark, N and I had beamed at Ash’s then flat tummy and the moment after was restored in the required shower of congrats and laughter. At that point I am sure even Ash and Nan, who became parents, couple of days back, had no idea what bliss the seven pound wonder was to bring!

As baby Ish grew from a little egg, he had unknowingly become a part of all our lives. I am sure he would remember our voices from the everyday lunch shenanigans, late night parties, argumentative mafia game, surprise baby shower, movies and even the beats of the dance floor. He had been safely harbored and watched over. To see a smiling Ash walk the corridors, growing pleasantly larger with life, was an unconscious comfort.

As baby Ish made a bold entry to the world three days back, playing his part of mischief and survivor spirit, we had all rejoiced. As the tiny package of life cried, yawned and wobbled last night, I was enjoyably petrified. He was a real miracle and the moment I set eyes on this forty-eight hour old survivor, I had realized why babies are so over-hyped. They have to be fussed over.

And for the little celebration in the tiny hospital room, like a pack of incorrigible kids, we feasted on chocolate cake with strawberries on Ish’s behalf. While he hiccupped, blinked and gave nonchalant lip smacks to the distracting junta.  With a great many laughs, ‘gyan-sessions’ on parenting, a baby-biter (yes! he loves to bite babies) teased to no end, we had reluctantly left the bundle to get his much-needed sleep.

As we drove home, I couldn’t but help smile to the blissful being, so unaware of the crazy world he is part of, the pinnacle of pure innocence… For, I have never been surer that, when HE makes babies,  ‘God does not play dice

baby ish with a proud mom and dad!

Baby Ish with proud mom and dad!


3 thoughts on “Small Wonder

  1. annie says:

    How very true!
    I still remember the moment when I held Joe in my hands. A pink bundle of joy and what a blessed feeling 🙂

      • Jyothi says:

        When I saw Kedar the first time too I was paranoid that I would crush him or injure him…. But as rightly said by you ..”God does not play dice”..he also gives the mother great unbelievable abilities and strength to handle the most complex and most simple situations from holding this fragile thing to nurturing the baby ….
        One thing is that YOUR WORLD undergoes a total metamorphosis once the bundle arrives…. Despite all my fears and apprehensions of losing my prominence in the cultural field, not having time to do many things I love to do, the bundle transports you to a different plain making you realize that we were thinking of just trivial things in life like career, money, enjoyment etc ….. The bundle of joy makes you realise that you are a great gift og GOd made to do great things in life…forget the trivia…
        So to say, every decision… every moment revolves around the biggest entertainer, joy giver and what not…. there are no words to express the joy……..
        No wonder Sophia Loren said … “When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.”

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