My take on VTV

It is always fun to chase a girl. But the trouble starts when you catch her.

Indian cinema rarely makes movies that don’t edge on fantasy and reality, creating a façade of feel-good, laughs and happy-endings. So, what happens when a movie depicts a woman in all her inherent complexity, shows relationships as they are and leaves it on a note that is satisfying but hurting; the reviews get split right in the middle. I happen to be on the ‘loved-the-movie’ side of the wall.

If I were to compare the stories I know of friend circles and the ones on the mushy movie ‘love-actually’, I would say we have way more mystifying love stories happening all around us. They are far more lovable than what the fairy-tales show to us on screen. But then alaipayuthe happened. Mani Ratnam swooned an after-the-passionate-times part of a relationship to tell us that love alone isn’t enough to make a marriage work. And Gautam Menon, has taken a bolder step to say that a relationship is a series of highs and lows and when one hits the lowest point of a low moment, it can take something as small as a one line sms to break years of work.

Where does VTV claim it all –

* Trisha emotes like a dream.

* Simbu proves he is way more than all the junky cinema he has been part of until now. I might actually be turning into a fan. Did I mention his dialogue delivery is classy? I thought he actually sounded awesome when he said -“it was like a one way ticket to heart-break-city”. Forget all the sounds of jeer in the theater.

* The movie is about love, pain and relationship. But it concentrates on the small moments that you and me have experienced.

* The moments make one experience the ‘butterflies in the stomach’ era of a relationship, literally.

* Women are downright complicated. They can make a guy go weak. The Indian cinema male image with ‘angry-young-amithab’ and ‘style-wooing-rajni’ never go weak on the knees by the lady-love. Karthik does.

* A woman in love can still move on to quarters that make her life simpler and in the bargain more complicated, but simple. Yes. Confusing. GVM depicts it to us on screen as though its effortless to understand a woman.

* The end is haunting. It is ironically the best decision too. Incompatibility is often overshadowed by chemistry. And it has weird ways of showing up. Insecurity, possessiveness and sacrificial lamb feeling. In this regard one might actually feel the ending was perfect.

* Brilliant mind-blowing music by ARR

Where it might have lost it –

* Simbu does the kal ho na ho hand-spreading pose one-too-many times in the movie.

* The boxing scene was unnecessary, but not unbelievable.

* If you can’t relate to Jessie’s complicated character or met one, you have landed yourself in the wrong movie.

* If you are a fan of other GVM movies, you will find a lot of dialogues reused. But then no scene is repetitive. His hero is still mechanical engineer and the lady still loves Mathematics.

My overall verdict is the movie must not be missed by GVM fans, Trisha fans, Simbu fans. Also, don’t miss it, if you believe the love story next door is way more enjoyable than ‘devdas’. Definitely don’t miss it, if you believe that a lost relationship always leaves you bitter-sweet no matter what.


updated –

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The sunday diary

Inspired from facebook status update lexicon

Late to bed, hence late to rise. Couple of hours of cooking teamwork (read as – N spills, I clean. N cuts, I clean. N stirs, I still clean). The lunch for monday and tuesday is safely parked in the refrigerator. Drove 30 miles to lunch with two dear friends. Heavy lunch shredded my fitness regimen to pieces. San tempts the glutton in us mentioning juicy gulab jamuns, only to find exactly three tiny globes floating in the saccharine syrup!  Our greed had thwarted the real motive behind the jamun façade….. San and Saiz surprised N and me with an awesome tiramisu cake, reminding us the way only friends do, of our bygone second anniversary. N and I had marked two years of tolerating each other on a KFC take-out! Tiramisu was delectable. I have the left overs in my refrigerator for a late night guilty fix. I was left drowsy and an immediate five pounds heavier. Played a long game of pool with the oafish flick ‘balls of fury’ unscrewing in the background. Warmed to the levity of a cold sunset with San’s famous chai, which has a 99% success rate in her kitchen and 20% success on any other stove. The chai was comforting! Drove homeward. Parked ourselves on the plush sofas to unwind on the usual Sunday routine of netflix. Was left teary-eyed watching ‘My Sister’s keeper’. Had a satisfying debate session with N on the concept of the movie. Skipped dinner for the fear of turning into a block of lard. Retiring to bed; translates to – N watches crass Vadivelu comedy on you-tube (with earphones on! thank you very much) while I type away on the laptop that might die soon enough!Peaceful Sundays… sigh!!

Ready to hog the tiramisu