The sunday diary

Inspired from facebook status update lexicon

Late to bed, hence late to rise. Couple of hours of cooking teamwork (read as – N spills, I clean. N cuts, I clean. N stirs, I still clean). The lunch for monday and tuesday is safely parked in the refrigerator. Drove 30 miles to lunch with two dear friends. Heavy lunch shredded my fitness regimen to pieces. San tempts the glutton in us mentioning juicy gulab jamuns, only to find exactly three tiny globes floating in the saccharine syrup!  Our greed had thwarted the real motive behind the jamun façade….. San and Saiz surprised N and me with an awesome tiramisu cake, reminding us the way only friends do, of our bygone second anniversary. N and I had marked two years of tolerating each other on a KFC take-out! Tiramisu was delectable. I have the left overs in my refrigerator for a late night guilty fix. I was left drowsy and an immediate five pounds heavier. Played a long game of pool with the oafish flick ‘balls of fury’ unscrewing in the background. Warmed to the levity of a cold sunset with San’s famous chai, which has a 99% success rate in her kitchen and 20% success on any other stove. The chai was comforting! Drove homeward. Parked ourselves on the plush sofas to unwind on the usual Sunday routine of netflix. Was left teary-eyed watching ‘My Sister’s keeper’. Had a satisfying debate session with N on the concept of the movie. Skipped dinner for the fear of turning into a block of lard. Retiring to bed; translates to – N watches crass Vadivelu comedy on you-tube (with earphones on! thank you very much) while I type away on the laptop that might die soon enough!Peaceful Sundays… sigh!!

Ready to hog the tiramisu


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