On my mind…

There is so much I have to write about that I might possibly never end up writing a post for each of them ever. And so I thought I shouldn’t let it pass and pin it down before the moment passes… whoosh and then there is nothing to write about –

There are some stories you have only heard, but they are so surreal that it’s almost like you have lived it. For me it is amma’s narration of her grandmother who was dotingly referred to as manni paati; a serene white saree clad pious woman, a lot like Kushwant Singh’s ‘the portrait of a lady’, if you may. I have only seen a few murky black and white pictures of her, and it filled me with a sense of foreboding for how our ancestors treated widows. But the more amma spoke of her, the more I wanted to know her. Amma often recalled her summer vacations spent with her, waddling in the river and returning to her abode for warm ‘kanji’, ghee and kanni maanga treat. And it was here in Boston couple of months back that amma recreated that modest meal and the mellow taste of homemade ghee and piquant kanni maanga filled me with a bittersweet déjà vu; that’s when I concluded that it is only food that can keep our lineages alive!


So SONY finally laid the revolutionary walkman to rest! And what a fad it had been. Although mine began as the companion on long Indian railway travels at the age of 15, it was last (over)used on Bus number 33 of SVCE in Chennai. Amidst the radio mirchi blaring, honking and lull Chennai heat, I had made a very special friend and we always shared my earphone pieces; and probably we had in the magic of friendship forgotten that some things cannot be shared forever even if they deceivingly came in pairs. I wonder if she is listening at the other end for I am definitely waiting at mine to be heard!


The golu season was here in a breeze and I couldn’t make it to the one invitation I had for experiencing it here! I never had golu at home, although I always dressed up my grandmother’s marapachis when I was kid. I have heard rave stories about her golu. But I have thoroughly enjoyed golu-hopping, singing just ‘sree gana naatha” or “vara veena” for that mouth-watering sundal. Later it was hours of kolaatam with pinned up false hair and pattu pavadais. And then there was a lone thyagaraja ulsavam when I sang a varnam, for that’s where my music classes ended, much to the umbrage of the thyagaraja keerthanam patriots there! Some life I say, probably I didn’t even live it. Ask me to sing one varnam today and I couldn’t even if i were to dust that brown paper covered music book!


Fall is here; Gorgeous and cold enough to snow. And I have also been watching the blackbird migration in hoards this time around. Some afternoons it’s a party out there in our lawn strewn with black dots. Little pleasures of living so far away, so far … that, friends find it excruciating to pay us a visit! That’s how far we are from them and thankfully it stops with distance alone. And since I haven’t met everyone in eons I have requested them to make a day-night trip for Halloween. Party preparations are on and pics will be coming soon after!


2 thoughts on “On my mind…

  1. Glad to see you back to blogging!!!

    Best moments in bus travel was Radio. We used to give 20Rs per person to get a good radio set for our BUS before they finally banned it!!!

    Oh u sing? only varnam i know is Varnam 1000:)

    Keep blogging

  2. Let's Read says:


    How are you? Since I didn’t see you long time @ the book blog, that’s why hopped over hete to leave a comment…miss your reviews..

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