What have you done for the world today?

The trick or treat weekend was a breeze; had a lovely time at the party and followed it with a peaceful Sunday, catching up on Dexter and taking turns when the bell rings for the tiny-tots and grown-up kids! So the comments I received varied from “You guys are the best neighbors. You are letting us pick!” … “Glee!” and he turns to invite a battalion hiding behind the trees  “they got Reese and Hesherys… come on over” and sometimes just tiny ones, barely able to climb the stairs, weighed down on a fairy outfit, mumbling a thank you. Amidst them all, was one little fellow, probably 5 or 6, looking very harry potter like in round frames, who requested for his water bottle be filled. I am sure, he probably didn’t fully understand why he was doing so, but this is what he told me “There is so much candy in the world anyway, I wish the more poor get it. I just want water to keep me from being tired as I hop from one house to another with my friends.” I was stumped. He takes a sip and adds with a smile “Its for a green world you know”. While all the transformers and supermen were grabbing at my candy basket, this boy stood his ground!  Lovely parenting I must add and who said kids aren’t the best teachers?


So when I recovered from that, here are  somethings I decided/am hoping to work on –

* Don’t visit malls when bored, especially if you are the kind who can buy stuff you later realize you don’t need. ( I have fortunately developed a phobia for malls, so I am grateful that’s on check )

* Do not shop unless you really really really need it. So your sole is like a sock touching the ground, you need a new pair, but not when there are 5 others waiting to be worn. I used to be a shoe fetish; I havent bought a new one in four years now and counting! Same goes for clothes; wait to shop for new ones, until over 50% of the ones you own are un-presentable.

* Fight the Starbucks craving. I am still working on it. I read way too many articles on the consumerist jingoism a Starbucks nation is creating. I don’t want to be a part of it. I have decided to fight it a different way. I have given up on coffee. I succumb to an occasional masala chai at home. And I am hoping I don’t fall back. Fleeing the aromatic coffee machine in the café has been my nightmare for a while!

* Don’t overdo the birthday and anniversary! Hopefully I will start off on that this year. Chuck the cake and presents. Make a donation for something in need of that money. Why should the birthday be any different when it comes to “buy only what you need”. N and I aren’t big on the anniversary ever, so that’s taken care off with customary KFC takeout! Everyday of married life is a different kind of celebration, isn’t it?

* When you have had a heavy meal, skip the next one. this is a health tip too. But, on a larger scale, its fighting the greed. I haven’t been good at it so far, especially when we make the NJ trips we end up hogging heavy and heavier meals. So, the next time I will make the attempt. On a similar note is not wasting veggies or let food go bad and throw them. I have been working on it extremely well, since amma’s visit. ( Watching “cloudy with a chance of meatballs” may also put you in perspective )

5 seems a good number to begin with. And pinning them down and putting a seal probably makes it more real! Consume a little less. That is the first step to a better world, don’t you think?

Hobbes nails it !

An awesome link to keep that spending on check —



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