15 odd months as a parent!

* To quote Jennifer Senior “Parenting is all joy and no fun” – You are at the brink of exhaustion nearly every day, sometimes constantly wondering “why does one have kids?” and then you have a fleeting moment of pure laughter and that unexpected hug from your toddler. NO. your exhaustion doesn’t fly away neither does that make your chores go away. you get the answer to your question just for a moment and then snap back to reality. BLIP

* Parenting means, having a sense of humor – 9 out of 10 days, when my clock screams I won’t make it to my morning meeting if I don’t leave in 5min. And the exact moment the toddler decides he is going to poop. Changing stinky diapers IS NOT the toughest part of parenting at all, but one needs a sense of humor to handle circumstantial moments like these.

* Breastfeeding is as rewarding, as exhausting and as judgment inducing as no other parenting act. Everyone wants to have an opinion about how you should handle it. It also demands a lot of your time (pumping at work means, goodbye to lunch socials and constantly juggling/watching time-to-pump and meeting-times) and the effort needed to take care of yourself may be even more than what pregnancy demanded!

*  Sleep is overrated. — it is absolutely possible to survive the day after sporadic four to six hours of sleep, without caffeine. One may take months to get to that point. But it happens before you know it. Whether you are waking up to nurse, rock or sleep train your little one sleep may be sorely missed, but can be easily forgone.

* Planning in advance is understated — Things almost always never go as planned. Whether it is cloth-diapering or cooking and freezing baby food or visit to the grocery store, it is good to have a planB, planC and an open mind to thwart plans when needed. Throw teething, ear infections and plain old tantrums in the mix and one can be prepared to throw every plan out of the window.


* It is easy to be ‘THAT’ over-sharent — Every parent you cringed at when you were a non-parent for sharing every diaper change of his/her baby; Well! if not every diaper change, it is easy to see how your priorities and things you have to say or share have changed overnight. This blogpost is a testament to that fact 🙂

Happy parenting folks! Thanks for reading!