I weep…

I weep my beloved country,

In your hapless arms and lonely pyres

I watch from afar,

As my home burns in the incessant fires

I gasp in shock,

At the demise of someone dear

I writhe in pain,

Knowing the end is nowhere near

I seek out to friends

We nod, we brood, we seethe, we sear

I grieve in silence

For someone’s spouse, a friend, a mother

And then I pray

Holding on to every threadbare

I pride in acumen

Of the youth running Helter Skelter

To find beds and air to breathe;

On ground, abroad and even Twitter

I believe in people

In your strength and willpower

In the face of a government that is but a deserter

I awe in gratitude

For doctors and nurses

The police and essential workers

Toiling night and day facing death and danger

I weep my beloved country,

In mirth knowing your power

I weep my beloved country,

In guilt watching you wither

I weep my beloved country,

In solidarity in yonder and hither